Sattler Videos / Youtube Channel

We have produced short videoclips for our customers aimed at presenting relevant topics such as our collection, fiber and quality, living with the light, Designselector and POS-Tools.

Theseare available in the Sattler SUN-TEX Youtube Channel in German, English and French. These videos show technical content and important information of our products and can be used in training courses, presentations, customers meetings as well as on the video screens of the showrooms.

The collection: We do not only show the proper handling of the Flexbook, but we also offer an overview of our collection.

Yarns and qualities: This video shows how the qualities Elements, Lumera and Lumera 3D are composed and which technical characteristics makes each of them special.

Living with the light: What is the light made of, how is the light technical data to be understood and what effects has the right or wrong light on the well-being of the people.

Design Selector: A short summary video gives information about what is the Design Selector and how to use it- an extended version offers also extra support on how to integrate this tool easily in your Homepage.

Pos-Tools: This video shows our different POS tools from different perspectives and provides a comprehensive presentation of our new showroom furniture.

Just take a look at it and get informed


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