Education & advanced training
Our success is based on the professionalism, willingness to perform and high motivation of our workforce. The expertise of our staff members is essential for our company; therefore we foster the development of our employees by offering specific on-going trainings. Lifelong learning is more than only a slogan to us - it is an essential part of our corporate culture. In this context we offer our employees a wide range of further educational and skills trainings that enhance job performance whilst fostering particularly the development of our senior staff.

Training opportunities

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The SATTLER Group sets new standards in the field of apprentice training

It is our declared goal to offer young school leavers a modern and varied training program.

Our training concept focuses on a holistic fostering of our apprentices. We are highly concerned with developing their personal and social skills, in addition to purely technical qualifications.

JOINT ACTIVITIES, such as in-house apprentice training programs that include fun and games, but also cultural and technical subject matter, strengthen the bond between apprentice and trainer.


The three pillars of our training

  • Technical skills…by technical skills we understand a sound basic knowledge and skills in the profession we train.

  • Personal skills…personal skills mean the ability to think independently, to learn and follow what is being said and done. Trainees should discover their own skills and creative ways of learning, while at the same time developing and strengthening their self-confidence and self-assurance.

  • Social skills…social skills require that a trainee has the capacity for interpersonal dialogue and communication. Common goals are defined and implemented in a team. Social skills are especially important to us, since we will only be able to stand our ground in an increasingly global market with a universally employable and co-operative team.

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