Energy from food waste: A Sattler CENO gas holder is an essential component in this sustainable project.

The Vashon Bioenergy Farm (VBF) is a community-scale bioenergy system on Vashon Island, Washington. The installed modular anaerobic digester NAUTILUS as a systemic and holistic community solution, upcycles up to 3600 kilograms of food waste. This is enough to fuel a small fleet or provide heat and power for more than 40 homes.

The Sattler gas holder is an essential component in the system, allowing for storage of up to 200m³ of biogas.  The system employs a unique integrated biogas upgrading system to generate renewable natural gas (RNG) that is stored with state-of-the-art Adsorbent Natural Gas (ANG) technology where it is compressed to up to 250 psi or about 17 bar after withdrawal from the Sattler gas holder. With ANG storage, Impact Bioenergy demonstrates economically viable pathways to the lowest carbon intensity fuel that avoids high costs, low storage efficiency, and safety concerns associated with conventional approaches.


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