NEW Sattler PRO-TEX Membrane: POLYPLAN Biogas Thermo Type II Art. 998

The insulation properties of this membrane reduce the heat loss and thus the energy required to heat the substrate in a biogas fermenter tank. The overall energy performance of biogas plants can significantly be improved.

A heat-insulating membrane suitable as an outer cover of fermenter tanks for double membrane roof systems.

  • Reduced heat loss lower by a factor of 3 compared to a standard Type II membrane.
  • In biomethane upgrading plants – where no cheap residual heat from the combined heat and power unit (CHP) is available – this membrane can improve the efficiency of the entire plant significantly.
  • The closed-cell structure of the foam provides better insulation without absorption of substances.
  • Biogas-resistant PVC coating on foamed and unfoamed side.
  • The block-out feature of the membrane prevents light spots.


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