Sattler Group
The SATTLER Group is a family-owned firm, headquartered in Austria, that operates worldwide. We are the world´s leading manufacturer of highTEX products, especially for outdoor use, and SATTLER is also leading in the planning and implementation of membrane constructions.
High end sun protection fabrics, outdoor fabrics for garden furniture and fabrics for boat covers made from spun-dyed brand acrylic.
We are a leading manufacturer in the production of coated technical fabrics. Our high-quality products include truck tarpaulins, tensile structures, tents & halls, and biogas storage tanks among others.
The business unit of industrial engineering consists of textile solutions primarily for noise and flood protection, as well as for halls and special textile applications. In the field of environmental technology, we offer premium solutions for all storage demands, be it double membrane gas storage tanks, mast-supported biogas roof, or lagoons.
Textile Architecture
For more than four decades, Ceno Tec classes among the leading companies worldwide in the membrane construction sector. We provide our customers with overall support from the first concept to the planning phase and manufacturing process up to the assembly and implement innovative and sophisticated solutions for different areas such as architecture, interior/events, and industrial technology. Apart from tailor-made projects, our service range is completed by economical system solutions.

Sattler Group
The specialist for awnings, tarpaulins and technical textiles as well as for innovative solutions in the field of textile architecture and environmental technology

The following companies are part of the Sattler Group:

Sattler SUN-TEX GmbH
Sattler Corp.

Design- and functional fabrics for sun protection, garden furniture and boats.

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Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH

Coated fabrics and technical membranes. Customized, high-quality products that meet your specific needs.

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Sattler Ceno TOP-TEX GmbH

Special solutions for biogas, environment and industry.

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CENO Membrane Technology GmbH

Ceno Tec textile constructions 

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People & Career at Sattler

As international family-owned firm, we rely on our highly engaged team members…

…because people make the difference!

Our success is the result of the commitment and achievements of each of the members of our workforce, but it is also the result of the aims we set, define and pursue together.

Recognition, engagement, expertise and motivation form the pillars of our company and we live according to them!
Short: „thinking highTEX“. Our quality promise to you as part of our team!

The section “Working with Sattler” features statements of our staff rating Sattler about their working Environment.

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