Changes in the Board of the SATTLER GROUP

On the 28th of April, 2021 a takeover took place in the Managing Board of Sattler AG.

Dear valued partners and members of the SATTLER GROUP,

With this communication we want to inform you about relevant changes in the Managing Board of the SATTLER GROUP.

Herbert Pfeilstecher: “Some time ago I informed Mr. Alexander Tessmar-Pfohl, Chair of the Supervisory Board, about my intentions to retire from the Managing Board at the beginning of 2022. After almost 28 years of service at the SATTLER GROUP, from which I spent 21 on the Managing Board and 14 of those 21 as Chair of the Board, I would like to commence with the orderly transfer of my managing duties. I would like to express my gratitude to Lisbeth Wilding, my colleague at the Managing Board, to the Managing Directors of all the group companies and to the complete management team for their trust and cooperation. I also want to thank Alexander Tessmar-Pfohl and the Tessmar-Pfohl family for all the trust placed in me and for their support during the implementation of my plans. To all Sattlearians, I wish a successful future in the SATTLER GROUP. My sincere thanks go to all business partners of the SATTLER GROUP with whom I have built a trusting relationship even beyond decades.  From many personal encounters I could win many ideas that contributed to the further development of the SATTLER GROUP.”

Lisbeth Wilding: “In the 16 years working together with Herbert Pfeilstecher we developed a relationship of trust and I have great respect for his accomplishments and his personal commitment.  His decision to hand over his position at a time when the company is experiencing its greatest economic success deserves great respect. Herbert Pfeilstecher transferred over to me all the responsibilities he had been in charge of for 28 years. With the takeover of the Accounting, Controlling, Treasury and Risk Management Areas, I will from now on become the “commercial conscience” of the SATTLER GROUP and I will also be responsible for corporate financing.  

I want to thank the owners of the company for the trust placed in me and I am looking forward to taking over these new tasks and duties additionally to the areas of responsibility I am currently in charge of.”

Alexander Tessmar-Pfohl: “I respectfully accepted Herbert Pfeilstecher’s decision with great regret. Along with Mrs. Wilding, he reorganized the complete management team and by doing so our company has been able to experience the most successful phase in the more than 145 years of history of the company. His loyalty to the company and to my family will still unite us beyond his time at Sattler.

I made the decision to retire from the Supervisory Board on April 28, 2021 and to take over the chairmanship of the Managing Board held until now by Mr. Pfeilstecher. On this date, he passed on the responsibility to me for both business units: SATTLER SUN-TEX and SATTLER PRO-TEX.

Until the beginning of 2022, Mr. Pfeilstecher will be part of the Managing Board and he will assist us during the transition process and support the SATTLER GROUP with the implementation of important projects.

Herbert Pfeilstecher significantly changed the company. Under his leadership Sattler became more professional, self-assured and, above all, successful.  We cannot thank Herbert Pfeilstecher enough for the successful development of the SATTLER GROUP. I have personally learned incredibly much and assume the chairmanship of a completely healthy company with brilliant future prospects full of enthusiasm and gratitude.”

Yours sincerely,

Alexander Tessmar-Pfohl

Lisbeth Wilding

Herbert Pfeilstecher

Chairman of the Managing Board

Member of the Managing Board

Member of the Managing Board

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